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2005 Questions

  1. Does the 2005-SM unit support 1310 nm optical wavelength and can it transmit up to 10 Km?
  2. Can I confirm whether the 2005 modems are under healthy conditions by using HyperTerminal application which is available on our PCs?
  3. What are the proper dip switch settings on the 2005 Bit-Driver?
  4. I'm testing a pair of your 2005 Multi-mode modems and I would like to know
    what the power output of the units (in dB). I have power metered them and they are both outputting at -28.0 dB. The data sheets only talk about the power budget as being 15 dB. If the LED's output at -20.0 when new, then they
    are still outputting within the power budget which should be -35.0 dB?
  5. We use the 2005 as the communications from our OS/2 Warp computer to our Vulcan Plasma Cutting table. We recently had to reinstall all of our software after a crash and cannot find the communication software needed to run the 2005. Any ideas?
  6. Right now, we have a 2005 Bit-Driver connected to only one computer but we need another computer to be connected to the same plasma machine. What needs to be done?

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