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Testing the 2005 using HyperTerminal in Microsoft Windows environment.

Document: 10031

Category: 2005 RS-232 to Fiber Bit-Driver

Date Posted: 02/24/03


I have 2 units of your fiber optic modems; model 2005 and 1 pair of fiber cable, 2 sets of rs232 cable (standard; 9-9 pin). Can I confirm whether the 2005 modems are under healthy conditions by using HyperTerminal application which is available on our PCs? In this case, what should I set my HyperTerminal settings? Can you guide?


Yes. You will need to ensure both PCs are set to the same data speed and communicating to the correct COM port. The RS-232 cable will need an adapter on the 2005 end as it is terminated with a DB-25 connector. (Pin 2 from the PC will need to talk to Pin 3 on the 2005 and Pin 3 from the PC will need to talk to Pin 2 on the 2005.)

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