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The optical power output in dB for the 2005 multimode modem.

Document: 10062

Category: 2005 RS-232 to Fiber Bit-Driver

Date Posted: 09/21/04


I'm testing a pair of your 2005 Multi-mode modems and I would like to know what the power output of the units ( in dB ). I have power metered them and they are both outputting at -28.0 dB. The data sheets only talk about the power budget as being 15 dB. If the LED's output at -20.0 when new, then they are still outputting within the power budget which should be -35.0 dB?


The transmitter output you measured is correct at -28 dBm. The receiver sensitivity is -43 dBm for the 2005 Bit-Driver. This is how you get the 15 dB budget.

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