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S.I. Tech Introduces a New HDMI to Fiber Bit-Driver®


S.I. Tech has introduced a new HDMI to Fiber Bit-Driver, Model 2830. The product is designed for High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), Medical Hospitals, Large Complexes, Training Rooms, Sporting Events, and many other applications where high quality high definition (digital video imaging), one way communication is required.

S.I. Tech model 2830-T and 2830-R use 1 multimode fiber with SC connectors. Units can be used for up to 500 feet using OM4 fiber and high speed HDMI.

S.I. Tech supplies complete Kit #30 which consist of 2830 Transmitter, 2830 Receiver, HDMI cable, Power Supplies, and 30 Meters (100 Feet) fiber optic cable with SC connectors for “plug and play” operation. No field adjustments are required to use the “HDMI” kit.

The HDMI kit can be used wherever high definition television/video signal is required including home entertainment systems, professional entertainment enterprises, sports facilities, medical centers, training rooms, and so on.

HDMI 2830 Transmitter is disabled when fiber is removed for safety of operation. Model 2830-T & 2830-R is lightweight units and can be easily installed.

Additional information can also be found at http://www.sitech-bitdriver.com/products/hdmi.htm.

S.I. Tech is a USA based manufacturer of fiber optic systems which markets products worldwide under Bit-Driver® and Fiber Cluster® trademarks. For additional information call Toll Free 866-SITECH-1, Phone 630-761-3640, or Fax 630-761-3644.

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