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Product 28902890 & 2891 Bit-Driver® brings
Fiber Optic Communications capabilities
to T1/E1 Applications

Geneva, IL - S.I. Tech announces its new T1/E1 Optical Bit-Driver® to extend the telephone company's point of demarcation via Fiber Optic Cable.

Models 2890 & 2891 are designed to functionally support T1/E1 protocol in a fiber optic application. The product is a transmitter/receiver full duplex device with normal operating data rate of 1.54 Mbps (T1) and 2.048 Mbps (E1).

S.I. Tech's model 2890/2891 is a stand-alone or rack, 1U high, mountable product allowing easy change from T1 or E1 to fiber. Simply disconnect the T1 or E1 cable and connect to model 2890/2891 input/output ports. This product comes with status indicators and an internal power supply along with an optical link failure alarm built in.

This optical Bit-Driver® product eliminates many disadvantages of T1 or E1 lines, especially EMI/RFI, ground loops, high attenuation, limiting distance between nodes of systems and lighting damage outdoors between buildings.

The 2890-2891 features clear channel capability for voice, data, fax and video for multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic applications.

Additional information can be found at http://www.sitech-bitdriver.com/products/T1E1.htm.

For additional information, contact:
S.I. Tech
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P.O. Box 609
Geneva, IL 60134

Phone: (630) 761-3640
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E-mail to sales@sitech-bitdriver.com

S.I. Tech is an advanced-technology corporation founded to develop and market fiber optic systems. The company started operations in 1984 after it acquired the fiber optic systems business of Belden Corporation. In 1988, the company expanded its offerings by acquiring the fiber optic multiplexer business unit of Honeywell. S.I. Tech's products are marketed worldwide under the Bit-Driver trade name.

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