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  Programmable Logic Controllers using standard RS232/422/485 can use many off-the-shelf products for industrial applications. The following Industrial Application solutions are available from S.I. Tech.

Fiber Optic Modems

Fieldbus to Fiber

Industrial Ethernet

Multidrop Modems

2109 Bit-Driver

Optical Repeaters

2062 Optical Repeater

RS-232 to Fiber Modems

2005 Bit-Driver

RS-422 to Fiber Modems

2106 Bit-Driver

RS-485 to Fiber Modems

2110 Bit-Driver

Ruggedized RS232 to Fiber

Rack Mounted Media Converters

Series 3000 Rack

Video Security Modems

2809 Video Bit-Driver

Fiber Optic Multiplexers

RS-232 to Fiber Mux

2006 Mux

RS-422 to Fiber Mux

2424 Mux

RS-485 to Fiber Mux

2458 Mux

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