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An Early Innovator
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Fiber Optics Industry

S.I. Tech, Inc.
Along with the rapidly increasing use of computers and computer-driven equipment, there has been a rising demand for faster, higher quality (error-free) data communications. Fiber optics technology is the answer.

S.I. Tech, a high technology company formed to develop and market fiber optics systems, has been on the leading edge of this technology since its early years. The founder of S.I. Tech formerly managed Belden Corporation's new venture development in fiber optic systems including fiber optic cables, transmitters, receivers, modems, multiplexers and link developments. The fiber optic systems division of Belden Corporation was acquired by S.I. Tech in 1984. The company started operations as an Illinois Corporation in March of that year. In January, 1988, S.I. Tech acquired the fiber optic multiplexer division of Honeywell.

An early entrant in this industry, S.I. Tech has developed numerous well-known fiber optic products and application engineering solutions for customers worldwide. These products today are sold and supported on all five continents. They are performing in a wide variety of applications and environments from Alaska to Australia and Hawaii to Japan. "Mission critical" applications everywhere depend on S.I. Tech - from an oil rig somewhere in Asia, to a factory in Europe, or a university in the United States.

S.I. Tech Is Your "Local" Source

To be close to its global customer base, S.I. Tech works closely with a select group of distributors, system integrators and other value-added resellers. These extensions of S.I. Tech are your "local" source for quality products and technical assistance. Our products are marketed worldwide under the Bit-Driver trade name.

The wealth of experience behind S.I. Tech offers you the following:

  • An established company, manufacturing proven products and providing a long-term commitment to its global customer base.
  • A value-added supplier that adds the following to your product purchase: application expertise, continued technical support, 100% QC application, the ability to customize, worldwide support...to name a few.
  • An extremely broad product line, as evident from our catalog, and quick availability of standard products ready for your use.
  • Availability of fiber optic systems for all levels - from low-cost - but highly functional systems, to custom-designed solutions for very large and "mission critical" applications.
  • Products approved to industry standards such as UL, CSA, EIA, IEC, FCC, and VDE.
  • Our products are manufactured in accordance with a quality system which complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard and certified by NSF-ISR. View Certificate

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