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Type of fiber optic cable to use in SAN connectivity.

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Date Posted: 03/06/08


Should 50 micron fibre patch cables be used instead of 65 micron for SAN connectivity? Could you elaborate on the different uses of the two different sized multi-mode fibre products and their use?


The use of 50 or 62.5 micron fiber cable depends upon application speed and bandwidth required at a given optical wavelength. e.g. if you are running at gigabit speed fiber bandwidth and wavelengths need to be considered.

1. Gigabit @ 850nm ->50 micron - 600 meters
Gigabit @ 850nm->62.5 micron - 300 meters

2. Gigabit @ 1300nm->50 micron - 600 meters
Gigabit @ 1300nm->62.5 micron - 550 meters

There is a new 50 micron fiber that is laser optimized for best results. As you can see, selection of fiber size will depend upon:

1. End equipment wavelength - 850 or 1300 nm
2. How far you need to go

If all this is ok, additional consideration is based on loss or fiber attenuation at given wavelength.

1. 850nm - 50 micron - 3 dB/Km
850nm - 62.5 micron - 3.5 dB/Km

2. 1300nm - 50 micron - 1 dB/Km
1300nm - 62.5 micron - 1 dB/Km

If you plan to go long distance with high speed, we suggest use of single mode fiber. Single mode fiber has a very high bandwidth and loss is only 0.35dB/Km @1300nm.

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