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Number of strands in a fiber optic cable.

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Date Posted: 03/06/08


What is the significance of the number of strands in a fiber optic cable? For a 20 Km span, what is the best fiber optic cable specification?


To answer your question, the number of strands (fiber) has to do with what you plan to do with them, i.e. application. Most links require 2 fibers (TR & REC) so if you have 5 links you need 10 fibers + 2 spares in case of a problem. As installation cost is much higher than cable or fiber cost, it is best to install more fiber cable than you need. If you need 4, install 8 or 12 fiber cable. Best cable depends upon application since this is outdoors you need outdoor aerial cable. Span (distance between poles or support will be 100 meters typical) 20 Km length will have many poles.

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