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Optical power from the 2082 Optical Repeater.

Document: 10095

Category: 2082 Optical Repeater/Converter

Date Posted: 10/09/07


What are the minimum and maximum power receive limits on the 2082-MM-MM-100? (1310 nm)
What is the nominal power out of the device? (1310 nm)


Typically we provide 10 dB budget on both sides of the fiber optic repeater.

At 1310 nm and 100 Mbps units:

Transmitter Output Power: -17.0 dBm
Receiver Min. Sensitivity: -30.0 dBm
Receiver Max Input Power: -12.0 dBm

Note: There is 3 dB spare budget provided. At 1310 nm, 62.5/125 fiber attenuation is 3.5 dB/Km.

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