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Operating distance limitation for the 2170 and 2172 USB Bit-Drivers.

Document: 10094

Category: 2170 & 2172 USB 2.0 to Fiber Bit-Driver

Date Posted: 09/12/07


What is the limitation on the operating distance for the 2170 and 2172 USB to Fiber Optic Media Converters in single mode? I want to know if it is possible to extend USB 80 km.


USB is a point to point application however, the timeout (turnaround time) is dependant upon each software application. Any distance beyond 5 Km will probably have timeout issues unless you can modify or have the computer ignore timeout. The 80 Km distance is not possible.

Optically, with single mode fiber (optical loss and bandwidth), traveling 80 Km is doable.

You may want to consider another protocol where timeout is not critical to the application.

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