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Proper way to conenct the Ethernet Bit-Drivers together.

Document: 10085

Category: 2550 Ethernet to Fiber Bit-Driver

Date Posted: 04/27/06


I just purchased a pair of model 2550 ethernet / fiber converters and I'm having a problem getting them to work. I have them connected between my computer and a router a few feet away just to try them out. I'm not getting a link, transmit, or recieve light on either box. I've tried different ethernet cables and different store bought fiber optic patch cables. I'm using a 62.5/125 fiber cable. I also changed the speed on my ethernet card from auto detect to 10 Mbps. Can you think of anything else I can do?


Ensure that TR from one Bit-Driver is connected to REC on the other and vice versa. Also ensure that the Bit-Driver which is connected to the PC is using a crossed Ethernet cable and the Bit-Driver on the other end is using a straight Ethernet cable.

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