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Multimode and single mode wavelengths for the 2062 optical converter/repeater.

Document: 10077

Category: 2062 Optical Repeater/Converter

Date Posted: 11/17/05


Could you please tell me what light wavelength the SITECH #2062 Fiber Optic Repeater works with? (i.e 1300nm or 820nm or other)


S.I. Tech Model 2062 has options to use various wavelengths.

  1. 2062-MM-MM is normally 820nm
  2. 2062-MM-SM is 820nm on the multimode side and 1300nm on the single mode side (if specified, 1300nm can be used for multimode also)
  3. 2062-SM-SM is 1300nm on both sides of the repeater

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