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Using a different power supply for the 2170/2171 Bit-Drivers.

Document: 10073

Category: 2170 & 2171 USB 1.1 to Fiber Bit-Driver

Date Posted: 05/17/05


I have the USB over fiber 2170/2171 devices and I operate them with the external power supply S.I. Tech #2164 (12VDC). I would like to get your advice - I would like to operate it with other power supply of Lambda LUT series, that supplies 15VDC (regulated).

  1. Is it possible to use 15VDC without damaging the device?
  2. What is the power consumption of the device?
  3. The 2171 hub supplies the power to the USB devices through the USB port (12VDC I think). Will it continue to supply the 12 VDC to the USB ports?


  1. It is possible to use 15 VDC, center pin positive.
  2. The 2170 is 2 Watts and the 2171 is 2 Watts + 3.5 Watts Max per powered port.
  3. Each USB port can be powered with 5 VDC up to 500 mA.

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