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Definition for the Alarm Indication Signal (AIS) on the 2890 Bit-Driver.

Document: 10068

Category: 2890 T1 to Fiber Bit-Driver

Date Posted: 11/24/04


We recently experienced an AIS alarm on our far end 2890 bit-driver. When we reset the system by unplugging and plugging back in the alarm cleared. Can you please provide me with any assistance on what an AIS alarm is, what it monitors, how we can avoid this again.


AIS (alarm indication signal) is a signal transmitted on a T1 carrier indicating that the port is not available for service (you are not able to use the T1 carrier for ordinary purposes until AIS clears). Several events can cause AIS to be transmitted; e.g., the T1 port has been logically removed from service, the port has lost its connection to the host, the port is in maintenance.

The 2890 product AIS LED indicates that it is receiving an AIS signal from the connecting equipment and it passes the AIS signal across the fiber to the remote 2890. The remote 2890 passes the AIS to the connecting equipment and the connecting equipment should have reported seeing AIS also.

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