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Port assingments on the 9308 Twinax to
Fiber Multiplexer.

Document: 10051

Category: 9308 Twinax to Fiber Mux

Date Posted: 10/30/03


From previous conversations, we know the 9308 can only support 4 ports on our new AS/400. We are however, continuing to have some communication problems. Right now, if you look at the front of the problem Mux as we have it wired, we have a cable in ports 1,2,3, and 4. Port 0 is empty on the Mux. My question is this. Should our 4 cables be in ports 0,1,2, and 3, or does it matter as long as they match up on both ends of the muxes?


It does not matter as long as you match the remote mux to the local mux. For example, port 1 remote is assigned to port 1 local.

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