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Installation procedure for the 2505
Bit-Driver and Windows 98 computer.

Document: 10042

Category: 2505 RS-232 to Fiber Bit-Driver Card

Date Posted: 06/12/03


Could you please tell me how to install the 2505 modem on a Win 98 machine.
What actually needs to be done in windows?


To install the 2505 on a Win98 machine, perform the following:

    1. There is no software to install.
    2. Connect the 2505 to the PC's RS232 port.
    3. Try to send data through the RS232 port. If the LEDs do not blink, change the DTE/DCE switch setting. Try to send data again.
    4. How is the remote end configured? Make sure the TR on one 2505 connects to the REC of the other and vice versa.
    5. If the above does not work, change the DTE/DCE switch setting of the remote 2505 and try to send data again.

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