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Connecting a device to the 2805 / 2806 Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver Pair.

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Category: 2805 / 2806 Transmitter and Receiver Pair

Date Posted: 01/06/03


I have chosen your Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver Pair model 2805 TR/2806 REC for my project and I must connect this element to a microcontroller (see below).

The microcontroller is PIC 16C63 Microchip. Please help me connect the right pin from PIC16C63 to the right pin on 2805TR/2806REC.


From PIC16C63 microcontroller, use pin #17 (RC6/TX/CK) to 2805 input #1. Connect pin #19 VSS to ground pin #11 or 12 or 13 or 14.

From PIC16C63 controller, use pin #18 (RC7/RX/DT) to pin #1 or #2 of 2806 receiver. Pin #19 VSS or pin #8 to ground pin #20 or 21.

Please note you will need to provide +5 volts DC power to 2805 transmitter and +5V and -5V to receiver 2806.

If you are going to communicate bi-directionally, it will be better to use S.I. Tech #2865. This is a PCB with fiber optic transmitter and receiver. A ribbon cable is provided for ease of connection. This requires power and voltages as shown on 2865 data sheet.

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