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Electrical transmission distance for the 2890 T1 to Fiber Bit-Driver.

Document: 10022

Category: 2890 T1 to Fiber Modem

Date Posted: 05/30/02


How far will the 2890 transmit on the electrical side? Also, does the 2890 generate a T1 signal for loopback testing?


The 2890 (T1 over Fiber Bit-Driver) can transmit the following distances which are based on 22 AWG solid twisted pair wire:

LBO Switch Position

Option Selected


0 Test Mode Do Not Use
1 -7.5 dB Buildout T1 CSU
2 -15 dB Buildout T1 CSU
3 0 dB Buildout T1 CSU
4 133-266.0 Feet DSX-1 Cross Connect
5 266.1 to 399.0 Feet DSX-1 Cross Connect
6 399.1 to 533.0 Feet DSX-1 Cross Connect
7 533.1 to 655 Feet DSX-1 Cross Connect

The 2890 does not generate a T1 signal. The T1 signal must originate from an external source.

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