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Connecting a RS-422 network to a RS-232 network. Document: 10014

Category: 2106 & 2505 Bit-Driver

Date Posted: 01/03/02


I have two types of networks in place and I would like for them to communicate with each other. One network is RS-422 and the other is RS-232. The networks are 300 feet across and I would like to use multimode fiber. The data speed is 9600. Does S.I. Tech have any products that will allow me to do this?


One solution for this type of application is to use S.I. Tech #2106 Bit-Driver for the RS-422 network and use S.I. Tech #2505 Bit-Driver for the RS-232 network.

In order for these units to talk to each other, you'll need to check the following:

  • The TR of the 2106 Bit-Driver must connect into the REC of the 2505 Bit-Driver and vice versa.
  • The electrical cables need to be configured correctly. Download the product data sheets (2106 and 2505) to check pin-out configurations. The Transmit Out pin on the Bit-Drivers must connect to the Receive In pin on the device the units will be connecting into.

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