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Troubleshooting 10base2 Ethernet to Fiber 2850 & 2851 Bit-Drivers®.

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Category:2850 & 2851 Ethernet Bit-Drivers

Date Posted: 01/15/2002


I'm building an ethernet network between two locations. I have fiber between the buildings with 10base2 at one end and cat5e at the other. At the coax side I have a bit-driver model 2851 and a 2850 on the cat5e side. Additionally, on the cat5e side everything is switched and is UTP with speeds at 10/100 auto sensing. The problem is that neither end can see each other. How can I troubleshoot this?


Listed below are some suggestions on what you should check.

  • On the Cat5 side, if it goes into a hub use a straight cable. If it goes into a computer use a crossed cable.
  • On the Coax side, is the 2851 terminated. Coax Ethernet needs a T connection and one end needs to be terminated. We are assuming the other end goes to the other part of your network.
  • Both the 2850 and 2851 Bit-Drivers are 10 Mbps Ethernet products.
  • Ensure the fiber is crossed connected. The TR of one Bit-Driver must connect to the REC of the other and vice-versa.
  • Is your fiber multimode or single mode? If you are using multimode fiber, make certain that the Bit-Drivers are also multimode. If there is no optical designation on the back panel of the unit, then the Bit-Drivers are multimode. If the Bit-Drivers are single mode, there will be a sticker on the back panel indicating this.

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