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Data Rates for the 2176 Bit-Driver.

Document: 10118

Category: 2176 RS-422 Mini Optical Bit-Driver

Date Posted: 09/07/12


I have a quick question regarding the data rates specified for the 2176. The spec sheet defines a bit rate of 0-256kbps for simplex and full duplex operation. For full duplex does that mean that the bit rate for each channel (Tx and Rx) can be up to 256kbps or is the maximum total rate 256kbps? Ex Tx can transmit at 128kbps and Rx can receive at 128kbps.


The 2176 will function in an asynchronous point to point link at 256kbps. However, we have had some recent feedback that data errors occur at higher rates when two pair of 2176 are used in a synchronous application (e.g., using one 2176 pair for transmit and receive data and one half of a second pair for for sending the synchronous clock).

To answer your specific question; the full duplex bit rate is 256kbps each direction. The full duplex rate is not the sum of the rates for two directions.

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