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Quantity of 2128 RS-485 Multidrop units in a series.

Document: 10115

Category: 2128 RS485 Multidrop Bit-Driver

Date Posted: 04/21/12


We have a network of our controllers connected using single mode fiber cable.

We have selected your product 2128 for our project. We would like to know if we can connect ten of our controllers using 2128 with single mode optic cable. The distance between two controllers is 1000mts.

According to some technical papers there is a limitation on the number of equipments that can be connected using single mode OFC.

Can we connect any number of 2128 modules as repeaters. Will there be any fading of optical signal? Is RS485 bidirectional?

We require your expert suggestion


You can connect up to 32 modules. There is fading of optical signal and the 2128 units are bi-directional.

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