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  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems utilize fiber optics to transmit data farther, reduce EMI/RFI interference, and provide for secure communications (see why fiber optics ). S.I. Tech fiber products can be used to support SCADA systems as indicated in the following application note and table below.

Fiber Optic Products
SCADA Systems

RS-232 to Fiber Optic Modems

2560 Bit-Driver

RS-422 to Fiber Optic Modems

2106 Bit-Driver

RS-485 to Fiber Optic Modems

2110 Bit-Driver

Ethernet to Fiber Optic Modems

2150-10/100-A Bit-Driver

Multidrop Fiber Modems

2109 Bit-Driver

Rack Mounted Media Converters

Series 3000 Rack

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