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As apart of the ISO9001 certification process, S.I. Tech conducted a customer survey and below are some of the comments given.*

  1. Excellent company to work with. Deliveries as expected - Product is nearly faultless!

  2. Overall support of our requirements has been excellent.

  3. S.I. Tech has always delivered as promised. I know of no issues with services/products.

  4. Your modems work well for our application.

  5. Thank you for your on-time delivery and notification. I appreciate suppliers like you.

  6. Just wanted to give you an update. The ethernet units we have work great. They were easy to hook up and worked perfectly!

  7. I have been using your 2505 Bit-Driver with SMA connectors for the last 15 years, works great. I would like to upgrade to ST.

  8. I was skeptical when I purchased your RS232 stand alone and rack mount products. It was very easy to install. Plug & Play as advertised!!

  9. We have a couple of your 2005 Bit-Drivers that came with some machines we purchased a few years ago. The units still work. We just moved and the cables were cut. Can we still get the Bit-Drivers and cables upgraded for these machines? Yes-of course.

  10. I purchased some T-1 single mode fiber products from another company. The units did not work at 1550nm. I tried your products and it works very well. I will continue to purchase from S.I. Tech for all of our networking needs.

  11. I just wanted to tell you that your USB1.1 converter+fiber optic cable works well together with our USB2.0 CCD camera.

  12. I purchased your 2561-SM Bit-Driver, RS-422 to fiber units, and these worked well with our networking application.

  13. Thanks for the help, I will definitely keep you in mind on products and spread the word around on your company.

  14. S.I. Tech's 2561 high speed version works great, flawlessly!! We use it with Sony field cameras to record/broadcast sporting events. The Box is bulletproof. We use it as a standard to measure all other fiber optic equipment.

  15. Thank you so much for getting the two 232 drivers to me in such a quick time frame. I've been a fan of your products since the first time I used one and will continue to profess how wonderful they are to all that will listen.

  16. I was able to test the fiber-ttl converter units yesterday in our lab. It looks like they will transmit a pulse down to about 20nSec (when you send a shorter pulse, there is still an output pulse, but it's limited to about 20nSec length on the output...no shorter). Needless to say, we're thrilled.

*Specific persons and company names are omitted for privacy reasons. References are available by contacting S.I. Tech at 630.761.3640 between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time.

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