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S.I. Tech, Inc. Introduces Gigabit Ethernet Bit-Driver®

GENEVA, IL - APRIL 2002 - S.I. Tech introduces its new line of Gigabit Ethernet Bit-Driver® products for networking applications. This new product line implements Ethernet Protocol at Gigabit speeds. A total of six models are being offered to complement its very popular Ethernet line of products.

Model 2160 - Gigabit Ethernet Bit-Driver

S.I. Tech Model

#2160 - Gigabit Ethernet Multimode


#2160-SM - Gigabit Ethernet Singlemode


#2160-2R - Rack mounted - 2 units/rack

These new products come in a newly designed 1U high x 7.25" x 7.00" enclosure for tabletop or shelf mounting and are also available in 1U high 19" rack mount case which holds one or two units.

Gigabit Ethernet is used for trunk (network backbone) applications by major corporations, city governments, universities, campus environments, and MAN applications. These fiber optic products can transmit data at long distances without use of repeaters.

Model 2160 comes with highly reliable SC connectors as standard with other connector options available. All units are equipped with status indicators to show network activity. Product is designed for plug-and-play with no field adjustments to make.

Additionally, model 2160 offers advanced features such as full duplex operation, auto-negotiation over twisted pair, auto detection of straight or crossover cable, auto master/slave determination, and wide input voltage from 12 to 60 VDC.

S.I. Tech model 2160 is totally transparent to the system. It is recommended that it be used in pairs for 1000 Base-T Ethernet applications.

For additional information, contact:
S.I. Tech
P.O. Box 609
Geneva, IL 60134

Phone: (630) 761-3640
Fax: (630) 761-3644

E-mail to sales@sitech-bitdriver.com

S.I. Tech is an advanced-technology corporation founded to develop and market fiber optic systems. The company started operations in 1984 after it acquired the fiber optic systems business of Belden Corporation. In 1988 the company expanded its offerings by acquiring the fiber optic multiplexer business unit of Honeywell. S.I. Tech's products are marketed worldwide under the Bit-Driver trade name.

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