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Model 2893 Bit-Driver

A line of high-speed fiber-optic link products for Internet/intranet connection implements either the T-3, E-3, STS-1, or OC-1 protocols. A total of 18 models are offered to complement a T-1/E-1 line of products.

All models are available in 1U high, 19-inch, rack-mounted cases for installation in existing telecom/datacom racks. The T-3 protocol runs at 44.736 Mbps, the E-3 at 34.368 Mbps, and the STS-1 and OC-1 at 51.84 Mbps. The enclosures hold one or two units. The second unit provides redundancy where required.

These high-speed units are engineered to interconnect a telecom switch to another switch, voice/data multiplexers, or routers. They allow communication over long distances without the use of repeaters. Extended distances to 50 km with a single-mode fiber are also possible.

The products are available with options such as ST/SC/FC connections for single-mode operation.

Additional information can be found at http://www.sitech-bitdriver.com/products/T3E3OC1.htm.

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E-mail to sales@sitech-bitdriver.com

S.I. Tech is an advanced-technology corporation founded to develop and market fiber optic systems. The company started operations in 1984 after it acquired the fiber optic systems business of Belden Corporation. In 1988 the company expanded its offerings by acquiring the fiber optic multiplexer business unit of Honeywell. S.I. Tech's products are marketed worldwide under the Bit-Driver trade name.

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