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Swedish Space Corporation successfully tests S.I. Tech Model #2867


On May 15, 2008, Swedish Space Corporation successfully tested S.I. Tech Model #2867, RS-422 and TTL to Fiber Bit-Driver®, with their "Sounding Rocket Maser 11." Their program manager commented that "everyone was happy, S.I. Tech Model #2867 units worked well."

Long distance, high speed capability of Model #2867 allows remote control and data acquisition, removing personnel from rocket launch and/or missile test site. S.I. Tech Model #2867 is designed with 3 full duplex channels of either TTL or RS422 interface working up to 20 Mbps for instrumentation, control, and telemetry applications. The unit allows use of multimode or single mode fiber with either ST or FC connectors. Single mode transmitter/receiver is available with 1310 or 1550 nm wavelengths for long distance communication up to 20Km (6500 feet - 12 Miles).

S.I. Tech Model #2867 is equipped with status indicator LED's showing each communication channel activity. Model #2867 provides switches to change from TTL and RS422 input/output in the back panel. The unit is "1U" high, 19" rack mountable, comes with BNC connectors for TTL and terminal block for RS422 input/output. Fiber side, single mode comes with either ST or FC connectors. Additionally, Model #2867 contains a universal power supply accepting 110VAC or 230VAC input power. Power Supply is approved to IEC EN 60960-1 & EN50178 and has a MTBF of 10 years.

2867 Bit-Driver

2867 Bit-Driver

Swedish Space Corporation's press release on Maser 11 launch is available from Maser Web Site, http://www.ssc.se/?id=5104&cid=11165.

Additional information can also be found at

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