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S.I. Tech offers new Video/Audio/Data Bit-Driver


S.I. Tech has introduced a new Video/Audio/Data to Fiber Optic Bit-Driver®, Model 2829. The product is designed for CCTV Security Systems, Medical Hospitals, Large Complexes, Training Rooms, Homeland Security, Border Security, and many other applications where high quality (digital video imaging), two way communication, and Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera control is required.

S.I. Tech Model 2829 is suitable for various video formats such as composite video (CVBS), S-Video, NTSC & PAL video standards for global applications. Audio can be mono or stereo - digitized high quality audio. Data rate up to 115.2 Kbps is supported with various interface protocols such as RS232, RS422, RS485, and TTL. Video can be black & white or full color.

Additionally, the Model 2829 can be used with multimode or single mode fiber (long distances) and 1 or 2 fibers if there are limited fibers available.

Model 2829 comes complete with status indicators and built in color bar testing. S.I. Tech also supplies Kit #15, complete with two 2829 Bit-Driver units, LCD TV Monitor, Video Camera, and accessories for plug & play systems.

Model 2829 Front View

Model 2829 Back View

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