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S.I. Tech offers new Ethernet Media Converter


S.I. Tech has developed a new Fiber Optic Media Converter card, Model 2350-10/100A, for customers requiring many Ethernet connections or for cluster of users. The 19" rack card is ideal for LAN server rooms or electrically noisy areas where fiber optic communication is better suited. The rack holds 12 - 2350-10/100A cards in a 2U high rack, model 3001 chassis. The 3001 chassis has one or two (redundant) power supplies. Power supply options such as 110 VAC, 230 VAC, or 48 VDC are available.

The 3001 chassis is a unique design allowing the mix and match of various protocol cards such as RS-232, Ethernet, T-1/E-1, and others. Additionally, various power supplies allow the chassis to be used globally making this product applicable in Asia, Europe, North, and South America.

Model 2350-10/100 Bit-Driver

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