S.I. Tech, Inc.Model 9024 - Fiber Cluster®

Type: Passive transmissive star
Fiber ports: Up to 48 (24 transmit, 24 receive)
Fiber Connections: ST receptacles (SMA Optional)
Insertion Loss (any T receptacle to any R receptacle or vice versa):

18 dB maximum, 14 dB minimum @ 850 nm normal,
LED source (1300 nm option)
Adjacent Fiber Loss (Any
R to any R or T to any T):

30 dB minimum
Fiber Type: Graded index
Fiber Size: 62.5/125 micron, core/clad
(single-mode option)
Fiber NA: 0.275 normal
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Size: 1U high, 19" rack mountable
7.5" deep
Other Stand-Alone packages
available depending on port configurations

Typical Applications:
1) Electrically Noisy Environment
2) Master-Slave Networks
3) Polling Networks
4) Broadcast Networks

Specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Supports up to 24 clustered workstations
  • Compact rugged package
  • Completely passive
  • Bi-directional
  • 19" rack mountable
  • Multimode or single mode option
  • Allows for totally optical ARCNET network

S.I.Tech 9024 is a 4 to 24 transmissive star that allows distribution of optical signals to up to 24 workstations in a clustered environment.

Fiber Cluster® is available in various port configurations such as 1 to 4, 1 to 8. 4 to 4, and 8 to 8, etc. Unused ports should be covered to prevent outside light interference.

How to order:

One way splitter: Multimode (mm), Single mode (sm) (I-Input ports, O-Output ports)
9024A-Ip X Op e.g. 9024-4 (1 In, 4 Out)
Two way (bidirectional) splitter: Multimode (mm), Single mode (sm)
9024B-Ip X Op e.g. 9024B-4 (1 In, 4 Out), (4 In, 1 Out)

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