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2890 Questions

  1. How far will the 2890 transmit on the electrical side? Also, does the 2890 generate a T1 signal for loopback testing?
  2. How far will the 2890 T1/E1 Fiber Bit-Driver transmit over single-mode cable?
  3. Should we be concerned with the minimal or maximum length of cabling between two 2890 bit-drivers?
  4. For the 2890, we would like to know the transmit output level of light in dBs. According to the spec sheet, what does 30 microwatts equate to in dBs? What does the receiver need to see for input level of light in dBs? According to the spec sheet, what does 3 microwatts equate to in dBs on the receive side?
  5. On the 2890, what exactly does the "Excess Jitter" alarm mean?
  6. Can you tell me what I have to use for a DC input fuse size into the DC powered 2890 box? Can't find it in your documentation.
  7. Can you please provide me with any assistance on what an AIS alarm is, what it monitors, how we can avoid this again.
  8. Does the 2890 and 2890-R have electrical isolation between the AC power neutral and grounding conductors? We plan to use the 110VAC models.

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