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2856 & 2857 Questions

  1. I have a data switchboard that communicates with several workstations via a 5 volt, 10Mhz, phase modulated (0 or 180 deg.), square wave into 75 ohms. Is there anything available which will convert this signal to fiber optics and back again?
  2. Can we use DC power with your model 2856 and 2857 Bit-Drivers?
  3. What is the typical current requirement for the 2856 and 2857 Bit-Drivers?
  4. We are using your Fiber Converter-SM (2857-2R-SM) and Fiber Converter-MM (2857). Can you provide me with the estimated MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) for each of these items?
  5. Does the 2856 bit driver have any on board memory? If so, what type and can it be cleared, or is it removed from the data path?
  6. Can the 2856-SM modules support both single-mode and multi-mode fiber?
  7. We are utilizing your 2856-2R-SMA. Your data sheet lists "Input Power" as 110VAC 50/60Hz. I also need power consumption in watts or VA. Can you please forward me this information?
  8. What is the jitter on the 2856 TTL model?

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