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2082 Questions

  1. Can I get the power specs for the 2082 model?
  2. We have a requirement to extend (Nortel Product) fiber remote peripheral equipment link beyond 10 Km. The bit stream is ISOCHRONOUS SDH @ 155Mbp/s rate. Will the 2802 support this stream/protocol?
  3. What are the minimum and maximum power receive limits on the
    2082-MM-MM-100? (1310 nm) and what is the nominal power out of the device? (1310 nm)
  4. I am looking at the 2082 repeater for an application. I will be using the 2082-MM/MM-1000. What is the temperature specification for this device?

  5. Do you have any products that will convert fiber size from 62.5 micron to 50 micron and support gigabit speed?

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