S.I. Tech, Inc.Model 9703 - Modem Splitter

9702 Model Splitter

Leads Supplied: Pins 1 - 8,15,17,20
Main Channel Interface: DTE
Protocol: Synchronous or Asynchronous
Subchannel Interface: DCE
Interface: RS-232 (Master port DTE, slave ports DCE)
Connectors: MS - 3: (4) DB25 F
Size: (19.2 X 6.4 X 3.3 cm)
Weight: 2 lb. (0.9 kg)

Meets FCC requirements of Class A, Part 15 Computing Devices Standard.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • Modem sharing for three users. Connect multiple terminals to one modem and save on the expense of extra modems and lines.
  • Perfect for office or workgroups that perform limited data communications or only connect to the Internet occasionally.
  • Inexpensive, non-powered, easy to use.
  • Works equally well in sync or async environments.
  • Transparent to speed and protocol.

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