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END OF LIFE - 4/30/10

S.I. Tech Introduces USB 2.0 to Fiber Bit-Driver®


S.I. Tech has developed two new USB 2.0 to Fiber Optic Bit-Drivers. These products allow a computer's USB port to be extended over 2 Km using multimode fiber and over 10 Km using single mode fiber*. USB 2.0 operates at low speed (1.5 Mbps), full speed (12 Mbps), and high speed (480 Mbps).

Model #2172 USB 2.0 to fiber Bit-Driver and model #2173 USB 2.0 Hub to fiber Bit-Driver provides USB 2.0 over fiber to a 4 port USB hub. The fiber link established works transparently between computer and remote devices.

S.I. Tech model #2173 Hub has 4 USB ports that allow peripherals such as scanners, printers, digital cameras, storage devices, and other USB products to be connected to a remote PC. No software or set up is required for either USB Bit-Driver. Additionally, S.I. Tech model #7170 cable assembly (USB Type A to Type B) is available to go from PC to the S.I. Tech Bit-Driver.

S.I. Tech model 2172/2173 USB media converter pair extends the range of USB 2.0 beyond the USB 5 meter limit. The units come equipped with various status indicators showing link activity. Using fiber optics eliminates many disadvantages of USB cabling such as short distance, EMI/RFI, grounding problems, and allows long distance applications to operate error free. USB 2.0 products are particularly suited for data intensive, graphics, and video applications. S.I. Tech also supplies 2170/2171 USB 1.1 products. S.I. Tech products are UL/CSA/CE/FCC compliant.

S.I. Tech is a fiber optic systems company marketing products worldwide under Bit-Driver® and Fiber Cluster® trademarks. For additional information visit our web site at www.sitech-bitdriver.com or call Toll Free 866-SITECH-1, Phone 630-761-3640, or Fax 630-761-3644.

Model 2172 Bit-Driver

Model 2173 Bit-Driver

Additional information can be found at http://www.sitech-bitdriver.com/products/usb.htm.

*May be limited by USB or application response times.

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