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S.I.Tech's New Family Of Fiber Optic Transceivers Meet The Needs Of Any Ethernet-To-Fiber LAN Application

Geneva, IL - S.I. Tech announces a new line of fiber optic transceivers which allow any copper Ethernet LAN to be switched to a fiber-to-the-desktop LAN. This is the only fiber optic transceiver line (Bit-Driver®), in the marketplace today that can handle any application within the Ethernet family. The product line consists of four Ethernet-to-fiber transceivers, a 24 X 24 transmissive star (Fiber Cluster®), an Ethernet fiber optic Bit-Driver® interface card, and an optical repeater mini Bit-Driver®.

S.I. Tech Models 2848 and 2849 Ethernet-to-fiber optic transceivers connect AUI Ethernet-based equipment to any fiber optic transceivers connect AUI Ethernet-based equipment to any fiber optic 10Base FL/FIORL network. The Bit-Driver® on the Model 2849 connects to and powers the transceiver connected to the Thicknet tap, extending normal AUI cable distance.

S.I. Tech Models 2850 and 2851 transceivers extend Ethernet-based STP & Coax LAN link distances to up to 10km. The Model 2850'a transceiver has a RJ45 connector, allowing connection to STOP network devices. The Model 2851 features a BNC connector for easy connection to a (thinnet) Ethernet-based coax LAN.

All four S.I. Tech transceivers support 10Base-FL or FOIRL, Ethernet LAN and IEEE 802.3 standards. Each features link status, collision, receive data, transmit data, and power LED indicators and provides multimode or singlemode options. The products are available with ST, SMA or FC connectors and are fully compatible with Windows '95 and all network operating software.

The S.I. Tech Model 9024 Fiber Cluster® is a 24 X 24 transmissive star which provides distribution of optical signals to up to 24 workstations in a clustered environment. The completely passive, bi-directional unit is housed in a compact, 19-inch rack mountable package.

The Model 2062 Mini Bit-Driver® is an Ethernet repeater which extends the distance of any fiber optic link to 10km and allows users to convert from multimode to singlemode fiber. The Model 2351 Bit-Driver® is an ISA-Bus interface card. It features a proven buffered slave architecture, making it fully compatible with a wide variety of PC platforms, including IBM AT's and compatibles. The Model 2351 also supports SNMP.

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