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If you require assistance in shopping at The Bit-Driver® Store, you may contact S.I. Tech Technical Support at 1-630-761-3640 (Phone) or tech@sitech-bitdriver.com (E-mail). Prior to contacting S.I. Tech, please read through this section as it may answer some of your questions.

Shopping at The Bit-Driver® Store

Entering the Bit-Driver® Store

Shoppers begin at an index page where the products are categorized by their functionality. To shop, you must pick a category of the item(s) you wish to purchase. The products are categorized by communication protocols (Ethernet, Token Ring, etc.).


Choose the category by selecting it from the index page. A listing of the products associated with the category along with a brief description and corresponding price per item is displayed. The prices shown do not include applicable taxes and shipping costs and are subject to change without notice. Each product is linked to their associated technical specification sheet which can be viewed on-line using Adobe Acrobat Reader . (The data sheet will appear in a separate browser window.) This sheet can be printed to a local printer or downloaded to a hard drive for later viewing.

Selecting a Product

To add an item to a shopping cart, check the box which is located in the same row as the product on the far right side of the table. In addition, the quantity needed must also be indicated by selecting the appropriate number in the drop down menu. Once all the selections for a given category are made, page down to the bottom of the page and press the button. If there are no items selected, press the button to return to the index page.

First view of the Shopping Cart

After the button is pressed, a listing of the items recently added to the shopping cart is shown.
This is the only chance to remove the item if it is in error. At the bottom of the page, the options of and are shown. Pressing the button will display the index page of The Bit-Driver® Store. The process then repeats as indicated above. Pressing the button will display all items in the shopping cart.

Customer Registration

Prior to completing an order, a prompt to enter a User Name and Password for future reference is given. After you have provided this information, the billing and shipping page must be completed next. The required fields are in

Once this has been entered, the on-line Terms and Conditions information is displayed. To continue with checking out, the button must be selected. If the button is pressed, the ordering process cannot be completed online.

Billing and Shipping Instructions

After the Terms and Conditions have been agreed upon, you will then be asked to enter a credit card number with an expiration date, or a purchase order number, or both. You must also provide your name as it appears on your credit card. On the same page, indicate a shipping carrier by selecting one from the drop-down menu. In accordance with ISO-9001 policies, the carriers listed are approved by S.I. Tech, Inc. to transport its products from the manufacturing facility to the customer's premise. Finally, indicate any special shipping instructions (UPS Red, FedEx P1, etc.) in the text field located below the carrier selection.

Your Receipt

Once all items are completed, the final shopping cart along with the billing and shipping information is displayed. In addition, the Customer Order Number which is generated by the S.I. Tech, Inc. server will be shown. When contacting S.I. Tech, Inc., please reference this number.

What's Next?

S.I. Tech, Inc. maintains this web site and periodically checks the server for new orders. The orders are processed within 24 hours of receipt. A sales representative will e-mail a confirmation notice which will indicate the shipping cost and applicable sales taxes if any. The status of the order can be obtained on-line by entering the Customer Order Number in the
Order Tracking section on the S.I. Tech web site.

Any questions, concerns, or comments should be directed to S.I. Tech, Inc. P.O. Box 609 Geneva, Il 60134 USA. Phone: 630-761-3640 Fax: 630-761-3644.

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